There is many webmasters whou would like to make money with their website or specialy if they have software available for download. It this case are PPI programs right for you since you just bundle special EXE file with your SW and with every download you make money. Most of these Pay Per Install Programs offer bundle EXE to their code. There is also option for othe webmasters to put ActiveX code or insert iframe into their site. This way if someone enters particular page he is prompted to download special SW (you make money) or leave. Some Pay Per Install programs offer also free content for those who dont have their own SW. Above there is a link to article where they tell you how to make $100 per day. Now lets start and make money for each download. This Pay Per Install (Pay Per Download sites will help you)

Very high conversion ratios.

InstallMonster PPI

Lock your content easily.


BEST Pay Per Install Programs at PayPerInstall.ORG

     The list of PPI programs

1 InstallMonetizer Install Monetizer PPI Program
InstallMonetizer lets you make money with installs. If you are software developer than you can bundle their EXE and make your SW developing work profitable. Their advertisers are well known names like Bing or Real Player and others are added.

Now you can earn money also if you have other content like walpapers, ebooks, fonts... if you join just provide your URL where is your content and mention that you like to use their content wrapper monetization.

If you dont have any content and SW than you can also produce some of Installmonetizer products (Games, Utilities,...)... than just mention you would be promoting biginstall products.

So make sure you provide all information during signup as there is very strict approval process which cleans the good from bad.

They pay up to $1.50 per install. This is why are all new publishers of InstallMonetizer carefully reviewed. There are NET30 payment terms and minimum pamynet is $100. Payment is sent via Paypal, Webmoney, Check or bank wire.

3 PerInstallCash PerInstallCash
PerInstallCash is a new generation of Pay-Per-Install (PPI) affiliate program. You as webmaster can offer your surfers their free software products and get paid on every install they make! Turn your website into money making machine! You will be making up to $90 for every 100 installations of their programs made by unique users.
Software products are 100% legal, clean and safe for your users. No spyware or malware installed. Installations are accepted from more than 30 countries!
Per Install Cash provide large selection of promo tools - banners, FPAs, popups, etc. Select any tool suitable for your traffic. With GotCLIP Downloader you can monetize movie traffic and with GinoPlayer you will be rich if you have any MP3 traffic.
The minimum payout amount is $50 as I see in my members area and payments will be sent on request via Paypal, Epese or Webmoney.

4 Install Monster InstallMonster PPI Program
InstallMonster PPI is operated by experienced PPI expert and operated in Russian and English. The owner is presented also on Linked in and does not hide anything. So I consider this PPI very clean network.

Network average CPM is $40 per 1000 launches.
If you have your own web-site and you want to earn money on it, all you need to do is to change the links on your site to InstallMonster, generated in a proper way. Afterwards, additional components will be offered for installation and each install will be paid at 80% rate from the advertiser’s payment! Their team analyzes each advertiser’s offer and does not allow any malware in the system.

InstallMonster would provide you with special link codes and PHP code that you would insert into your website. You can get also javascript code or WordPress plugin. And if you have some unused domain names than you can use domain parking name servers and generate income by this channel.
You can get extra bonuses on top of your earnings and you would find in the stats how much is your base pay and how much are bonuses. Payments can be sent daily if Webmoney payment is used… There is option to be paid via paypal but in that case contact AM to set this for you. Than Paypal has NET 30 terms but I assume that can be negotiated also. During setup you would be asked to enter Webmoney purse (WMR) so you can put there something like R932837482372 and notify the AM later on to change it to Paypal.

You can work with InstallMonster also as Advertiser and you would receive following services if you use their PPI model:

- browser extensions
- your URL as a homepage
- banner advertisement in their installer
- the banner is shown on the last stage of the installer and fully covers user’s attention
- Installation cost starts from $0.03
- your browser as default browser
- any software for OS Windows
- Over 4000 webmasters

As advertiser you can choose the targeting by GEO, Browser, Category,…

5 NetCashRevenue NetCashRevenue PPI network
NetCashRevenue has a great deal for publishers who like to monetize their download/media/filesharing websites. You’ll turn your website or social media (FB, YT etc.) traffic into stable income with NCR. They provide a lot of tools to maximize your revenue such as:

* high converting landing pages (Flash Player update, MEGA download, Java update, Facebook plugin and many more)
* non intrusive JavaScript popups (you can increase revenue from your website without loosing any cent from existing methods of conversion)
* EXE wrapping (you can wrap any EXE file with our installer)

Install rates are flexible (Rev Share) and depend on installation of offers bundled with the installer. NetCashRevenue priority is to keep a high prices of installs and optimize the installation process in order to maximize the profits of their affiliates. NCR pay attention to keep the installation ratio very high by using clean, not blacklisted domains and user friendly installation process. For this reason publisher earnings per 1000 unique visitors can be higher than in other networks.

In their network almost each exe download ends with paid installation. For landing pages a typical installation ratio fluctuates between 1:9 and 1:20 depending on traffic quality. It means up to 110 installations from 1000 unique visitors redirected from affiliate to their landing page.

Payments are sent by Bank wire transfer, Paypal, Western Union and Bitcoin

6 Cinstaller Cinstaller
CINSTALLER by Cliq Media Ltd. is leading software distribution and monetization platform.
They’re helping their affiliates achieve maximum income by providing high quality tools to monetize their website or social traffic. CInstaller provides a lot of optimized, high converting software products, landing pages and promo stuff.
With their high customizable installer you can earn money from each installation of your free software or even freeware database.
Their monetization tools are significantly increasing revenue from website or social media traffic.
You’ll feel secure with on-time and on-demand payments. Just contact your Affiliate Manager to setup individual payment terms.
CInstaller is constantly working with their business partners to provide highest payouts for our affiliates.
In CInstaller afiliate program Fixed Rate (fixed price per install) is set as default and is preferred for most affiliates. However, on a request we can switch your account to Rev Share (revenue share) model. Revenue Share pricing model can be more profitable than Fixed Prices for users who has a lot of traffic from low paying countries.

Friendly and helpful support team cooperates with affiliates to advice them how to achieve maximum income.

Their automatic payment cycle is biweekly. Money earned from 1-15 will be paid at 16th and money earned 16-31 will be paid 1st of next month. If 1st and 16th are not a business day, then payout will be send on the following business day. However, if you reach your declared minimum, you can request payment manually – in this case your earnings will be paid within next 2 business days.

You would be paid via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Wester Union or Bitcoin. All accounts will be paid in US dollars ($US) unless otherwise specified. Minimum payment is only 100$ for wire and WU for the rest 1$.
7 Private PPI Private PPI
Few PPI companies turned into private mode. There are private PPI companies out there so you might contact me on ICQ 57six-0six0-352 to be reviewed first.

Private PPI runs usualy as partnership program that is paying percentage from revenue generated by your installs. Owner will provide you with so called "Pay Per Click" and "Cost Per View" solution. EXE can live on your PC at least 25 days and make money for you every day after it is installed. 1K USA installs can make 8$-16$ per day (8$ X 25 days = 200$ - 400$ per install).

EXE is provided only on request and accepted are webmasters who can deliver more than 100 installs per day.

Best installs to work with are from US, CA and GB. Payments are done twice per week always on 3rd and 18th of the month via paypal or webmoney.
8 CPALead CPALead
CPALead is top alternative to other pay per install programs which are used for your content protection. CPALead has very similar functionality. You might protect your content with them very easy. Their gateway will give chance to the visitor complete offers (survey, email submit, ...) and once they complete them you get paid at least $1. This way you can make much more than some other pay per install program using similar content protection gateways.
New offers are added to program every day so also repeating visitors are counted and also visitors from rest of the world so you can convert any traffic and repetitive traffic also.
Payments are sent via Check or like usual by Paypal once you reach minimum payment $100. This should be very easy to reach.
There are very strict terms and one applies for most of other affiliate programs. You must have a top level domain name like Without this do not bother to signup because this shows you are not experienced webmaster. You can get domain name for less than $9 per year...
9 True Media Partner TrueMediaPartner
True Media Partner is Pay per install network which is suitable most for download portals traffic. If you have download portal (MP3, PDF, Images, Movies, SoftWare) than you can send your traffic to their landing pages and earn money. TMP are working very well also with mobile non desktop traffic. On the average 1k of traffic costs about 8 dollars.
True Media Partner would provide webmasters also with content and landing pages and you might create websites like
There is also content tool called "link locker engine" so simply people who like to get to any content they must install TrueMediaPartner SW first.
You can get your earned money not only by Epese and Webmoney, but also in Paxum, eCoin and PayPal.

Monetize any downloadable content with Content Wrapper.

InstallMonster PPI

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Cinstaller PPI
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